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| April 24, 2014

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LYFSTYL started as a music blog in 2010 to simply share the types of music that I was listening too. The current version of the website provides viewers with a well-curated selection of new and emerging trends in music, fashion, art and design.

The primary focus of LYFSTYL is to form an emotional connection with our readers, which is why we have adopted the philosophy of: “Less is more” and “Quality over quantity” by carefully selecting what goes up on the site.

For General Inquiries and Advertisement Proposals, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Mwinyi Topping (FOUNDER & CREATIVE DIRECTOR) @lyfstylmusic

Princessa Topping (MARKETING DIRECTOR) @princessa_the1

Kevin Vanstone (EDITOR / THE CONFIDANT) @FlyingVBlog 

Rupa Jogani (EDITOR / ALL ROUND BADASS) @r_jogani

Patrick Cwiklinski (WRITER / TASTEMAKER) @PatCwiklinski

Adrian McCavour (WRITER / TASTEMAKER) @amccavour

Mark “Snipes” Midiang’a (WEB DEVELOPER / THE MUSCLE@wkndhours


All MP3s and videos are for promotional purposes only. If you are the owner of an MP3 or video and would like it removed, please contact us and we will do so.

Pictures seen on the magazine are from various sources and LYFSTYL does not own them, unless specified otherwise. If we have posted something of yours and you would like it taken down, please email us - lyfstylmusic[at] gmail [dot] com