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| February 13, 2016

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About Us


LYFSTYL is an online publication dedicated to discovering and sharing the best in forthcoming trends in new and independent music, fashion, art, and culture. Together, the LYFSTYL team continues to cover a wide spectrum in today’s culture by creating original and distinctive content to serve our loyal and expanding readership from across the globe.

The website (which is updated daily with at least ten new articles) attracts a loyal, international readership of approximately 40,000 unique users a month.

For any questions on ways of working together please get in touch with the right person below:


Mwinyi Topping – Founder & Creative Director @lyfstylmusic

After founding LYFSTYL in 2007, Mwinyi oversees the creative output across all sides of the business, including online, events, sponsored content, commercial partnerships, and media partnerships. Contact him to discuss partnership opportunities, bespoke sponsorship packages or to request a rate card.

Princessa Topping – Marketing Director & Social Media Manager @princessa_the1

Princessa joined LYFSTYL in  2013 and  oversees the commercial side of the website in addition to our various social media channels Twitter, and Facebook. Contact her to discuss working with us on sponsored content, commercial partnerships, media partnerships or any social media enquiries.

Kevin Vanstone – Online Editor @KevinVanstone

Kevin joined LYFSTYL in 2012 and oversees editorial across the website as well a providing thought provoking articles. Contact him if you have complaints or questions about existing articles,  or feedback.

Rupa Jogani – Online Editor  @r_jogani

Rupa joined LYFSTYL in  2013 she provides engaging content to our platform. Contact her to discuss and suggest content for the site, to request changes or corrections or if you have any online-specific queries.

Mark “Snipes” Midiang’a Web Developer, Contributor @wkndhours

For music submissions submit: HERE (only here)


All MP3s and videos are for promotional purposes only. If you are the owner of an MP3 or video and would like it removed, please contact us and we will do so.

Pictures seen on the magazine are from various sources and LYFSTYL does not own them, unless specified otherwise. If we have posted something of yours and you would like it taken down, please email us – lyfstylmusic[at] gmail [dot] com