After releasing perhaps one of the greatest EPs, “With U”, in 2011. Holy Other has finally let loose his much anticipated full-length album, simply titled “Held”. So how does Held measure up as a body of work? As a massive fan of Holy Other, does Held live up to our own expectations of what the album should be?

Honestly I expected quite a bit more from his full-length solely because I expected Holy Other, to take the sound that we fell in love with a build on it further. I felt he stayed in the exact same realm as the EP. With that said I did not expect him to reinvent the wheel or change his sound. I did expect Holy Other to take his trademark ethereal electronic sound and create a much more expansive soundscape. I understand when a Ep sticks to the same sound thru out because of its smaller size, I do believe an album should build on that sound. I also felt that the album was too short, I kept waiting and waiting for one or two tracks to finally kick in which forced me to break out dancing. I feel If Holy other did include to upbeat tracks that he would be able to reach a much wider audience, because quite honestly some people cant handle an entire album of blissed out dark themes.

The album comprises itself of sub-bass tones, minimalist 2 step elements, and various unique RNB inspired vocals. While the colors, textures, and concepts are similar, to his Ep you should not confuse my earlier statement as a form of disappointment, Held is one bloody fascinating album it just does not have the same face melting sound that Holy Other pioneered with his EP.

The pairing of Holy Other’s almost ghostly beat with RNB vocals should breath new life into the genre of main stream dance music that has been severally lacking due to the popularity of the ghastly David Guetta inspired pop music that can be found on the radio. I sincerely hope that big record labels take note of this sound and improve the type of music that can be found on the radio.