English indie pop trio The XX just released Coexist, the follow-up to their stunning 2009 debut XX. 

Keeping in touch with the theme of love found on their previous album The XX stuck to their familiar slower, smooth, ambient sound accompanied by the very soft vocals by Oliver Sims and Romy Madley-Croft.

With that said Coexist is almost too similar to their debut but there are two obvious differences that I noticed. One is that the production is a lot darker and leans more to the electronic side rather than their previous album. The other is that there are far less catchy songs. The writing is fairly average but that has never been the XX’s strong side anyway. This makes some of the songs somewhat boring at times and even the excellent production of Jamie XX couldn’t stop that from taking place.

Overall Coexist is a fantastic album – I have been listening to the album all morning. With fall around the corner here in Canada, I cannot wait to be walking through the rainy streets blasting this album whilst destroying my eardrums. So thank you XX for making my rainy days a whole lot better.