Time Festival is a young, and very hip annual festival (organized by Embrace Presents – a group responsible for an abundance of concerts and festivals in and around the city of Toronto. Time Festival 2015 boasted an eclectic mix of artists, such as Mac Demarco, Yung Lean and Die Antwoord which piqued our interests into seeing what the festival had to offer.

The Highlights & The WTF’s:

Ryan Hemsworth – Drops An Amazing Set & Brings Out Ramriddlz

Ahhhh… Ryan Hemsworth. Who does not love his production? Hemsworth served up a combination of brilliant original tracks as well as some sick remixes – such as a base heavy rework of Drake’s, “Hotline Bling.” However, the highlight of his set was when he brought out Toronto newcomer, Ramriddlz, for his very first live performance where he performed his viral hit “Sweeterman.” Rimriddlz was beyond excited and it was truly refreshing to see someone enjoy his moment.

Freddie Gibbs – Gangsta Rap At Its Finest

Fuck The Police – I’m jus smokin’ my weed” chants Freddie Gibbs and the crowd as they collectively blaze blunt after blunt. Gangsta Gibbs put on a highly energetic performance that had the entire crowd rocking. He went through his hits such as “Eastside Moonwalker”, “Thuggin'”, and “BFK” to name a few.

Ariel Pink – WTF Did I Just Watch And Listen To?

No offense to any one who is a fan of Ariel Pink but what the fuck did I just watch? I was literally on the verge of walking out of the festival – the entire performance was discombobulated, the vocals sounded plain wrong, the lead singer did not appear to be on or from this planet. There was collective WTF’s going on throughout the crowd. Thankfully their set finished early – the music gods answered everyone’s prayers.

Mac Demarco – Fan Boys Unite

Mac Demarco has to be one of the quirkiest bands on the planet. They make amazing feel good rock music that reminds you summer pool parties, drinking lots of beers, and just having a grand old time. Their performance was reflective of their goofy sense of humour and awesome live versions of their hit tracks (and new songs too).

Die Antwoord – Taking Being Weird To The Next Level

Admittedly, I’m not the biggest Die Antwoord fan. I see them as more of a gimmick rather than real musicians. While I did not leave Time Festival with a new-found love for the South African group, I found a new appreciation for them. They put on an insane live show filled with crazy dancers, absurd lyrics, and electrifying beats that had the entire crowd going absolutely mental.

Final Thoughts:

Time Festival got a lot of things right – killer venue smack in the centre of Toronto’s downtown, and one of the most unique lineups – unlike any other festival. Sadly there were also a few negatives. The most significant being that the order of the artists performing seemed somewhat bizarre. Electronic musicians like Ryan Hemsworth should not be on early in the day when people are just arriving. It totally kills the entire vibe of his music – besides no one wants to dance their asses off in the boiling mid day sun. Another problem was the selection of food offered; it left little to be desired – the food trucks essentially sold the exact same thing (Fish Taco’s or Burritos). Naturally people flocked to the wood oven pizza line that took ages. Thankfully, these are all easy things to fix for next years festival.