Soulection is a record label, radio show and niche collective of creative music makers worldwide.

The collective continue to push the boundaries of sound. They’ve brought future base music to a global audience with countless outstanding releases, and a regular radio show on Apple Music‘s Beats 1 Radio.

LYFSTYL decided to craft a list ranking our favourite releases, from the West Coast collective. Check out the list below:

Happy downloading…

10. Waldo – Pick Your Poison

“Honestly, Pick Your Own Poison is about finding your lane in life. Whether if the lane you choose to pursue is right or wrong it’s still the poison you chose. It’s also about my life and the poison I chose.” – Waldo

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9. Jo Def – Steps

Steps is a timely release that comes during an experimental and fluid epoch in electronic music which proves to be a soulful, west-coast inspired footwork masterpiece.Jo Def carefully combines west coast leaning, bass-heavy vibes with traditional syncopated footwork sounds to produce a cohesive listen all the way through.

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8. Dpat – In Bloom

In Bloom showcases a beautiful mixture of lush soundscapes layered with soulful rnb vocals and swirled in live instrumentation, in large part performed by the project’s creator, Dpat.

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7. Esta – Gradient

Gradient brings sound barriers together to create a well-balanced sound that incorporates soulful and future-bass vibrations. Whether it’s high energy drum and melodic patterns or timeless vocal chops from Quadron or M.I.A., Esta manages to bring all avenues of sound together as one.

“Gradient is a little batch of vibes I put together in this weird transition period of mine. It’s pretty much me trying to discover and define my sound. I wanted to show versatility in all my tracks but with keeping it within the same vibes and keeping it very cinematic.” -ESTA

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6. Sango – North

Sango’s North brings forth a new sound, one that pulls from soul, rnb, future bass, hip hop and broken beat fusing them together with seamless vocals chops and grooves.

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5. Iamnobodi – Elevated

Elevated as a whole, showcases IAMNOBODI’s dedication to creating next level hip hop inspired-tunes very much keeping the memory and sound of Dilla alive while weaving in funky bass lines, soulful vocals and inspiring energy.

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4. Lakim – This Is Her

This Is Her has an overwhelming feminine vibe to it – light and airy, soft and beautiful. As LAKIM draws the soundscape for this project from some inspiring ladies in his life, the sounds come through as traits: calm & collected, sexy & sassy, grounded & driven, loving & unconditional.

“During the course of the year I probably spent making this, I met three woman that embodied some of these traits but not all of them. So, this is essentially me taking the best bits from each of them and creating in my mind a Bride of Franksteinesque ladyfriend and putting it into song form, lol…” – LAKIM

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3. Atu – Pictures On Silence

Atu delicately fuses bass and soul, adding his signature, elegant vocal sampling to the mix. He incorporates unique time signatures and plays nicely with the silence, consistently leaving you wanting more.

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2. Sam Gellaitry – Short Stories

“Short Stories” defies traditional notions of what it is to create ‘electronic music’ traveling through uptempo house, heavy bass, UK-garage, hip hop and soulful vibes – in 5 succinct stories.

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1. J-Louis – Balanced Ep

“Balanced”, definitely gives off future and forward-thinking vibes through out the entire beat journey. The vibe starts off with a dream like quality; something you’d definitely listen to on those after-hour late night drives with the windows down. All tracks are infused with soft female vocal samples ranging from Nikko Gray, Alicia Keys, Mara Hruby, Ruby Wood (Submotion Orchestra), and R&B queen, Aaliyah.

“I wanted to capture the listener’s emotions and get others inspired by the sounds & samples I chose. I love creating that feel good music. Most of the tracks have female voices because I feel that only a woman can inspire a true work of art.. Thanks to Soulection I’m able to do what I love and will continue to do so in the future.” -JLouis

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