Unconventional and uncompromising, tUne-yArDs is an avant-garde brand of vicious beats and sharp vocals provided by creator Merill Garbus. While Garbus herself is a polarizing figure, her music manages to unite listeners under an almost indefinable genre, utilizing musical loops to mesh together a number of influences and instruments.

Standout Single – Powa

Watching tUne-yArDs perform gives significant insight into the recording process, as Garbus demonstrates how she is able to string together chords, vocals, and loops on the fly all in perfect rhythm. Using the ukulele Garbus creates a unique striking sound in “Powa,” allowing the previously-created drum loop to fit comfortably around the charging chords.

Standout Album – W H O K I L L

To my ears “Gangsta” is the consummate tUne-yArDs track. Featuring vocal looping, Garbus on drums and additional instrumental accompaniment, the song embodies tUne-yArDs’ latest album W H O K I L L as a testament to the talent and random creativity involved in the process.