Leap Of Faith

I came across a quote recently that said “the destination is not what’s important; what’s important is the journey.”

We are urged throughout our life to be cautious and aware of our actions. But sometimes, we need to let loose, we need to take chances and risks. Trial and error is an important part of our social development and emotional growth. We can’t truly appreciate our successes without understanding failure.

So today I urge you all to try something new. It could be as small as taking a different route on your way home. Maybe you’ll find a new coffee shop or restaurant along the way. It could be as large as sky diving or climbing a mountain. It could be something that enhances your character like learning a new language or taking dance classes. Or even something that feeds your soul like volunteering.

Try something. Experience everything. Learn from your mistakes. Take a leap of faith!

Post originally appeared on our sister site SCL SCN.