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Although releases from the Pariah moniker have been sparse as of late, this is not to say that London based producer ‘Arthur Cayzer’ hasn’t been keeping busy fuelling the UK Bass music scene in other areas. Having released an EP as well as setting up the SheWorks label with co-producer Jamie Roberts aka Blawan in the interim, Cayzer’s is back to deliver a three track EP as Pariah for the legendary Belgium come London label – R&S Records. Whilst rips for all three tracks have existed online for a while now, the specific release details have only recently been announced.

Whether through its droning bass textures, hissing atmosphere pads, or slow building ambient synths, opening track ‘Rift’ shows a strong semblance with Pariahs contribution to the recent R&S compilation (IOTDXI) ‘Left Unsaid’. Percussively the track suggests Pariah’s endeavours producing warehouse strength Techno as one half of Karenn have bled over to his solo project, Rift making extensive use of raw Industrial hits.

The second EP track ‘Signal Loss’ is my undoubtable favourite from the EP showing much more in common with the style usually associated with Pariah’s productions. Signal Loss is an appropriate title as the track is caked in grainy radio static and lo-fi textures. Underpinned by melancholic James Blake-esque piano, Signal Loss is given its hook by emotive R&B vocal samples that’d probably sound tired and overplayed in most other contexts.

As a non-beats orientated track ‘Among These Metal Trees’ may seem like a bit of a curveball next to the other two tracks on the EP. Despite this it captures a fantastic mood, utilising howling atmospheres and Oneohtrix Point Never style synth swathes.

Although the EP may not be the most cohesive example of Pariah’s works, it instead goes to showcase the producer’s versatility & willingness to experiment with different production styles. The short length of the EP may give some clue as to why the EP doesn’t gel together too well, and I imagine Pariah’s seemingly unrelated outlooks on this EP would make significantly more sense on a full length release, which this release certainly generates anticipation for. For now you can pick up the Rift EP over at Boomkat, and stream ‘Rift’ & ‘Signal Loss’ below.

Article provided by Theo Darton-Moore.

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