Love Me If You Can

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Title Love Me If You Can
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[Verse 1]
Sometimes think the war is necessary
Every night I pray for peace on earth
And I hand down my dollars to the homeless
But believe that every able soul should work

[Pre Chorus]
My father gave me my shotgun
That I'll hand down to my son
Try to teach him everything it means

I'm a man of my convictions
Call me wrong, call me right
But I bring my better angels to every fight
You may not like where I'm going
But you sure know where I stand
Hate me if you want to
Love me if you can

[Verse 2]
I stand by my right to speak freely
But I worry 'bout what kids learn from TV
And before all of debatin' turns to angry words and hate
Sometimes we should just agree to disagree

[Pre Chorus]
And I believe that Jesus
Looks down here and sees us
And if you ask him, he would say


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