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Tad, slow down man!
You gon' fuckin' crash the Boat!
I don't give a fuck, it's my Dad's Boat
I don't give a shit
You such an asshole

[Verse 1: Action Bronson]
Start the engine, shift the throttle
Open up the cooler, grab a bud
By the neck of the Bottle
I'm shirtless. We going Marlin fishin'
Trying to capture all the creatures Charles Darwin envisioned
Dive off the back, choke a Shark
The shoes are made from Noah's Ark
And plus the weed smell just like a Jewish fart
Got this long, white dick to rip your boo apart
Kick a hole right through the Van Gogh, ruin art
I see a sandbar, drop the anchor
Who really give a fuck about this boat my Dad's a Banker
Got some Asian sex slaves in the weight room
Coke inside the sanka
The all-white wind breakers
It's Me

(British Guy Sample)
And down the Board
There seems to be other bedrooms
There are two twin rooms
Such as this one..
It's a Lifestyle

[Verse 2: Roc Marciano]

Yeah, you got it, you got it!
Reel it in! You got it!

Call your bluff. Ford Tough
The waters is rough
The storm rock the boat
I hope it's strong enough
Steer the vessel. Successful
Wet suit. Wheel in the Whale, tear the head loose
Waterproof boots. Toss a couple slaves in a hairdo
Stare at the waves from the aerial view
Prepare the Animal
It's written in the manual
The flannel is blue. I'm a sailor
Lord & Taylor. Import the fish from Venezuela
Predict the weather
Egyptian knits, sweaters, Carreras
Sea Dwellers. Sweet relish
These are the treasures
I was pleased when my penis was measured
It was leverage
A rich beverage. Twist the hedges
I fished in the crisp Chris Webbers
Marc, nigga
Yacht Rock
Christopher Cross shit, boss shit

And if you think you can control the sea
Like a 747, I'm afraid for you
The sea is a wondrous, mysterious, dangerous lady
She'll make you rich
Or feed you to the fishes

[Verse 3: Oh No]

Uh. You headed for some rocky turbulence
So, follow the flow and however the current is
The Imperfectness. A perfect Storm, the weather
My service is a serpent born, sitting Impervious
Look, None shall pass the Great Wave
I'll crack your lame boat like Crab legs
All because some damn rain
Pfft. I'll hit the charts like a hurricane
Ya'll decks ain't, never prepared
They in a nervous state
I hope y'all got a grip
Your ship's hit a little glacier tip
I'm on your CB talkin' shit

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