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“I hoped to make a record that felt free from the frequent short-lived trends in dance music, and that made sense to a dancer and a listener.”

If you have been following LYFSTYL you would realize that we are absolutely in love with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, the project of UK electro producer Orlando Higgenbottom, who’s been serving up brilliant tracks for some time now. If you are at all like me then, you’ll have been patiently waiting for his first real record,Trouble, to drop.

Well Ladies and Gentlemen its out NOW.

A while back I was watching a fantastic interview TEED did with 4Play for Channel 4, which has stuck with me to this day. It perfectly describes his view on the type of music he makes: Well I say, I make dance music, Most people who make dance music say they make house or techno or tech-house or trance or drum’n’base…If we kind of just woke up tomorrow morning and there were none of these genres, you just had your record collection  infront of you and you didn’t know what any of it was called or where any of it came from it wouldn’t matter… would probably love some music that you never heard because all the connotations and weird ideas you would have about whether its cool and where it came from, what scene it is…..would be gone…I like that idea.”

This is what has always impressed us with TEED. He always marched to the beat of his own drum, so to speak, I believe that this view of not worrying about what genre he falls into is what makes his music quite amazing and does not limit his creativity to just one style. Orlando has successfully managed to make a proper dance record, so be prepared to dance your ass off. No doubt you have heard a few of the tracks from the album, such as Household Goods, Trouble, Garden, and Tapes & Money. Admittedly I was a tiny bit worried about these tracks appearing on the album. Since I seemed to own these tracks foreverr. However Orlando has managed to find the perfect spot for them on the album, which somehow kept those songs quite refreshing and without them seeming outdated. 

There is no doubt in anyones mind that Trouble was long over due. However listening to this album, I had a sort of awakening moment and realized that, I am thankful that Orlando took his time with making this album, if he rushed it I probably would still have enjoyed it, but no where as much as I currently do. 

To me TEED is the complete package. He has an amazing sound, phenomenal costumes and his desire to create pure dance music, is what I believe separates him from the throng of the over saturated electronic music producers the world has to offer.


Score: A-


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